About Gian Kundi

Gian is a recently retired architect with a keen interest in drawing and painting portraits, life studies and landscapes. He took early retirement in 2018 to further pursue his interests, take commissions and offer his existing portfolio of work for sale. 

Please contact Gian either by email or by telephone to discuss any existing or proposed projects. 

Gian Kundi Art

Gian is a London based artist specialising in Portraits, Landscapes and Life Drawing.

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I have been drawing portraits ever since I was a child, both from life and from photographic reference.
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Life Drawing
Like landscapes, life drawing was an integral and mandatory part of the first year of my architectural school.
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Landscapes and Townscapes were a big part of my architectural training from the very first year at architectural collage.

A selection of Gian’s recent projects

Portraits, Landscapes, Life Drawings & Collages.

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